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Why You Should Vacuum First Before Getting Your Carpets Cleaned

If you are having your carpets or area rugs cleaned by professional cleaners such as our technicians at Smithwerks, it is always good to vacuum first.

Carpets should be vacuumed thoroughly with a regular household vacuum cleaner before having them professionally steam cleaned. This ensures that loose dirt particles as well as any gravel and sand that has been tracked into the home are removed. It will also fluff the carpet fibers, loosening deep down dirt from within. This will make the overall carpet cleaning more effective since it can reach deeper.

While vacuuming, you may notice small items such as elastics, hair accessories, small toys and other things that could block the hose and cause some down time. Take time to declutter the area to be cleaned, remove small furniture items and prep the room completely.

After cleaning and when the carpet or rug has dried completely, you will need to vacuum again. This helps to remove grit and sand that was brought up to the surface, but didn’t get removed by the machine. It will also fluff the fibers, making your carpet look nicer.

Have your carpets and area rugs cleaned by our expert technicians at Smithwerks. We serve North Vancouver, West Vancouver and the entire Vancouver, Burnaby and New Westminster area. Call us at 778-724-2555 to schedule your appointment.

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