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Tips to Help Allergy-Proof your Home

Presented by SmithWerks Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

SmithWerks Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning is a highly rated Vancouver based carpet and upholstery cleaning company

Smithwerks allergy proof homeDon’t let pet, dust, mold or pollen allergies make you miserable in your own home. Your carpets act as filters in your home trapping dust, pollen, food particles, skin cells, bacteria, etc. This is why it’s so important for you to get your carpets regularly cleaned!

With the help of our professional technicians, we can get rid of pollutants so you and your family can breathe easier!

In addition to regular carpet, upholstery and area rug cleaning, you can take steps to have an allergen-free abode. Here are some suggestions.

Flooring. Use washable area rugs. Vacuum your carpets weekly with a vacuum cleaner that has a small-particle or high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Clean the carpet frequently. We can help with that! SmithWerks’ trained technicians are experts in cleaning, deodorizing, stain-guarding and stain removal.

Bed and bedding. Encase pillows, mattresses and box springs in dust-mite-proof covers. Wash sheets, pillowcases and blankets at least once a week in water heated to at least 130 F (54 C). Remove, wash or cover comforters. Replace wool or feather bedding with synthetic materials.

Curtains and blinds. Use washable curtains made of plain cotton or synthetic fabric. Replace horizontal blinds with washable roller-type shades.

Windows. Close windows and rely on air conditioning during pollen season. Clean mold and condensation from window frames and sills. Use double-paned windows if you live in a cold climate.

Furnishings. Have upholstery cleaned regularly to remove hair, skin and dust. SmithWerks’ technicians have solid reputations for restoring upholstery to almost new condition.

Clutter. Remove items that collect dust, such as knickknacks. Store toys, games and stuffed animals in plastic bins.

Air filtration. Choose an air filter that has a small-particle or HEPA filter.

Weekly cleaning routine:

Damp-mop wood or linoleum flooring and vacuum carpeting. Use a vacuum cleaner with a small-particle or a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Use a damp cloth to clean other surfaces, including the tops of doors, windowsills and window frames. If you have allergies, either wear a dust mask or get someone who doesn’t have allergies to do this job. Don’t forget that regular carpet and upholstery cleaning is always your best bet!

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