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What’s the best pet stain remover? For couch cleaning, it’s a professional!

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SmithWerks is a leader in providing professional Upholstery Cleaning. We care for your upholstery and restore that fresh, clean look. Feel confident that your furniture has been professionally detailed by a highly qualified technician. Since 1999, SmithWerks has become the premier upholstery cleaner in the Lower Mainland.

couch cleaning vancouverWe love our pets! Cats and dogs provide a variety of benefits within households, but they can also create challenges. If your four-legged family member leaves behind a nasty surprise on your sofa, follow these simple steps that help to eliminate some of that frustration. Pet urine can be a very destructive stain, and can permanently damage or alter the dyes in fabrics in a very short period of time. The quicker you address the spot, the more likely that you’ll be successful with your efforts.

1. Soak up as much of the spot using a dry thick towel or cloth. We recommend having a collection of old towels on hand, the thicker the better. Second hand towels from a thrift store for instance. Blot up as much of the stain as possible. If the towel is thick enough, place it on the stain and stand on it to force the urine transfer to the towel. The stain should be barely damp at the end of this first step.

2. Now, rinse the spot with cool, clean water. Warm or hot water could set the stain. You may want to add a couple of caps of white vinegar to your rinse water. This will help to deodorize and disinfect the effected spot. Repeat the first step. Blot up as much of the moisture as possible. Again, at the end of this step, the spot should be slightly damp.

3. This last step involves the use of a store bought spotter. We recommend Folex. It’s fairly neutral in terms of its PH and is safe to use. We recommend spraying a few squirts on to a clean white rag and blotting the remaining spot, checking the rag for colour or stain from the urine.

This should take care of any fresh urine spots before they become “one with the couch”.

Pet stains are, by far, the most common stain issues we deal with here at SmithWerks. Proper cleaning and stain removal is not only desirable for a fresh and clean house, it’s also essential in the training of your pet.
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