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How to Remove Beer Stains From a Pool Table Felt

I chose beer stains because its the most common stain usually associated with playing billiards or pool.

It’s important to remember that a felt top to a pool table is not like other fabrics and, as such, has to be handled with care.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

– a bowl or a dish for mixing your concoction
– white vinager (believe it or not, I have to make this distinction)
– cool water ( I repeat cool water)
– clean cloths (best to use a lint-free micro-fibre cloth)

And here’s what you need to do;

1. Of course, it the spill just happened, blot up as much of the spill using your cloth as possible. Blot, do not wipe or scrub as you could cause damage to the felt or spread the spill causing an even larger stain.

2. After thoroughly rinsing out your cloth with cool water, repeat step 1, this time using cool water.

3.Next, in your bowl, mix two caps of your white vinager to about a cup of water. Remember!!! Cool Water!

4.Dip your clean cloth in the mixture and continue to blot the stain, repeatedly rinsing out your cloth and re-moistening it with your solution.

5. When you have removed the offending spot, allow the felt to air dry. If there is any stain still present, repeat the above steps.

Remember, you want to use cool water as warm or hot water could set your stain. The sooner you can address the spill, the greater your chances of removing the stain.

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