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Carpet Cleaning Vancouver – Dustmites

Hi Everyone! Once again the topic of dustmites has come up. So I thought I would share an article with you that appeared previously on my blog but is worth putting out there again.

Dustmites! What are they and what can be done about them?

I often think that homeowners would become more fanatical about cleanliness if they new just what was hiding in their furniture and carpets. One such character is Dermatophagoides farinae Hughes or the North American Dust Mite.

So, what is a dust mite exactly? Well, basically, they are tiny microscopic creatures that live off of dead skin and hair. You should also know that there are, potentially, millions of them in your home.. In fact, a couple of hundred thousand of them will typically be found in a square meter of carpet. Several million will take up residence in a mattress!

Since they live off of the dead skin and hair we shed each day of our lives, they tend to concentrate in areas where we tend to lounge or spend a significant amount of time. Mattresses, sofas, living room carpets tend to be favorite haunts for this beast. Interesting Fact!! : Humans shed up to 10 grams of skin each week!

Some of you are probably equating dust mites to bed bugs about now. They’re not the same. Dust mites aren’t known for carrying diseases or having a bite that is toxic in any way. However, the proteins that are found in their feces, their dead carcasses and the dead skin cells and hair they digest are a primary irritant to people with allergies or asthma.

The symptoms of such allergies are sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, congestion, difficulty breathing etc.

So, Dave, what can we do to get rid of these little pests?

Well, there are a number of things that I could suggest.
– Clean daily (or at least every few days)
-Wash bedding in very hot water
-Consider using a plastic matttress cover
-Use synthetic fabrics . Dust mites love wool!
-keep the humidity in your home lower.
-Replace your furnace filters monthly. If you have washable filters, clean monthly.

And, of course, have your carpets and upholstery steamcleaned regularily by SmithWerks Carpet Cleaning in North Vancouver and West Vancouver 604-924-0518

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