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SmithWerks’ Leather Upholstery Cleaning Services

Let SmithWerks’ professionally trained technicians maintain the appearance of your leather furniture. Regular cleanings will remove soil transfer from clothes, pets and newspaper that can build up on the surface, clog pores and result in the leather looking dull.

Sunlight and heat can have a drying effect on leather furniture, causing your leather to feel stiff and become cracked.  Included in our cleaning is an application of a formulated conditioner that restores your leather’s softness.

For all of your leather upholstery cleaning needs in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and the Vancouver area, call us or e-mail us today for an appointment.


Why Have a Professional Clean Your Leather Upholstery?

To avoid damaging leather material, great care must be taken when cleaning and conditioning. Some homeowners can do it on their own, however, properly trained professionals will have all of the equipment and materials needed to do an excellent job. Remember, leather is preserved animal skin, and it should be treated as such. Treatments that can keep the material soft and supple will serve to preserve and extend the appearance of your leather furniture.

7 Tips for Maintaining Your Leather Upholstery

  1. – Being that leather is very porous and absorbant, it tends to be prone to staining.  Spills should be removed immediately before they are allowed to dwell on the material and become more difficult to remove.  Refer to your owners manual or any tags on your furniture that could give you useful tips on removing stains.
  2. – Avoid using any harsh soaps or alkaline cleaners on your leather upholstery.  Under no circumstances use anything with ammonia to clean or spot.
  3. – A good substance to use when treating this type of furniture is any mild soap that can be safely used on people but care should be exercised even with these products, especially on brushed leather.  Before using any soap or water on the furniture, use a soft brush to remove any dirt. This should be done regularly, because solid debris can scratch the furniture. This will also allow the material to breathe and prevent any microbes from growing.
  4. – Invest in a good conditioner for your leather.  This should be applied twice a year to maintain the softness of your leather furniture and help to avoid cracking that comes with dryness.
  5. – Avoid using any oils that contain silicon or wax. These may permanently adhere to the surface of the material and make it sticky.
  6. – To protect the furniture from cracking or drying out, keep it out of direct sunlight and move it away from anything that produces heat.
  7. – Professionals should be hired to treat the furniture when it is damaged or badly stained. This is necessary to restore and preserve the material.